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Digital Blueprinting Services

Digital Blueprinting


The POS Digital Blueprinting Advantage

Print-O-Stat has been the leader in blueprinting for more than 60 years. Using the most advanced technology available, we can scan your originals or produce copies for your electronic files. With the latest technology, we can provide reproduction of Architectural, Engineering and Construction drawings onto a variety of media — with print widths up to 40" by any manageable length.


Color creates maximum visual impact. Why not add some to your drawings?

Hi-speed, economical color blueprints are finally available! Color elements add clarity and meaning to the information contained in a drawing, map, rendering or diagram. In addition, color enables the presentation of 3D-data on a two dimensional paper to highlight critical areas or to indicate changes.

Hi-speed color can also be used for:

  • Color coding
  • Mark-ups
  • Highlights
  • Photo overlays
  • Revision notes
  • Approval stamps
  • Renderings
  • Maps


And now, at Print-O-Stat, printing in color has never been more affordable! Ask us how you can print color at the same price as black and white*


Benefits of Digital Blueprints

  • Plain paper output onto bond, translucent bond, vellum, and film
  • Odorless prints without the ammonia smell of bluelines
  • Automatic optimization of copy quality-even difficult originals such as blueprints and dark colored originals can be produced with outstanding results
  • Automatic set collation
  • Print widths up to 40" by any manageable length
  • Reductions & enlargements from 25% to 400%
  • Easy storage & retrieval by scanning drawing & archiving files to disc, tape, or CD-rom
  • Digital storage & distribution
  • Accept files from the internet, disc, or original


Get Started!

Do you have blueprints/plans that need printed? Simply, click on the file upload button below and fill out the provided form. After the form has been submitted, please follow the instructions on how to upload your file.

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If you would like to further discuss your large format printing needs, please call us at 1.800.711.8014 or contact us here.



*Statement is based on the print of color line drawings, only