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Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 Software

Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 Software


3D Laser Scanning Point Cloud Registration Software

Smarter… Registration, Visualisation, Collaboration, Integration - Get ready for a smarter way to view the world

Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 is the latest upgrade to the number one point cloud registration software, Cyclone REGISTER.

This all-new product built from the ground-up brings with it all-new capabilities from simple, guided workflows to automated registration and client-ready deliverables with the click of a button.

REGISTER 360 empowers users of any skill level to work smarter, deliver results more accurately, visualise in more detail and collaborate more effectively - placing users at the centre of their projects. Whether deployed as a stand-alone solution or as part of an end-to-end integrated digital reality solution, Cyclone REGISTER 360 is your fastest and easiest option to get the job done right, the first time.


Drag, Drop, Done. From project creation to final reporting, project completion is significantly faster thanks to multi-threaded batch routines, one-step import and processing, guided workflows, built-in QA/QC tools and automated reporting to save significant time and guesswork while delivering higher productivity.
Cyclone REGISTER 360 scales to your needs so even new users can execute large projects with the simple, yet powerful interface.

Deliver professional-level project deliverables with ease. Cyclone REGISTER 360 provides guided registration workflows to assist new users and speed the process for experienced users. Intuitive QA tools and reporting take the guesswork out of determining the quality of your registration, and put all the information you need at your fingertips.

Batch export your final products to numerous industry-standard formats and push your data to Leica Geosystems’ integrated cloud and enterprise products for collaboration with the click of a button.

  About the Leica Cyclone Software Family
Within the built environment Leica Cyclone offers the most comprehensive and advanced family of surveying, digital reality management and visualization products, empowering users to work smarter, deliver results more accurately, visualize in more detail and collaborate more effectively.


Watch this clip to see all the cool features of the Leica Cyclone Software:




Questions and Answers
Faheem Khan, VP of Business Development at Leica Geosystems

Q: What makes the new version of Leica Cyclone special?
Leica Cyclone has the reputation of being the industry’s most trusted point cloud registration platform. With the recent introduction of Cyclone REGISTER 360, we have further strengthened our position in the market and addressed some major bottlenecks preventing a wider adoption of 3D point cloud processing technology. These bottlenecks range from long processing times, lack of automation, missing quality control functionality and pure complexity of the task. With Cyclone REGISTER 360, registration is up to 20x faster with a simple drag – drop – go function and quality management is built into the heart of the product. What is equally important is the user experience. Users can start with registration in their desired local language and produce final deliverables using modern, visual, simple and workflows.

Q: What new features were added to Leica Cyclone?
Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 and Cyclone Cloud (TruView) Services are the two main additions to the Cyclone product family. One key aspect of our offering is in the common software architecture and connectedness of the solution. This allows the user to deploy once and use in many other applications. Beyond a pure technology improvement, some of the key features added to the product family include:

  • The ability to complete registration – from data import to a completed key plan – through a single button click
  • The ability to deploy TruView Enterprise as a Leica Geosystems managed service in under a minute
  • The ability to produce registration reports to set a new standard in the industry

How will the newly added features add value and benefit Leica Cyclone users?
The improvements we are bringing to Cyclone are focused on addressing three primary goals:

  • To reduce current product complexity and make scanning data processing as simple as possible
  • To significantly enhance the speed of current workflows and to automate processes
  • To deliver solutions in the segments where our customers operate – from public safety to plant engineering

What industry trends and customer needs drove you and your team to create a new version of Leica Cyclone?
As we see an increasing number of “non-traditional” professionals enter the space of 3D laser scanning, it became apparent that we needed to adapt our product portfolio to allow such non-professionals to deliver professional results. This is the promise of Cyclone to new customers. For existing customers, we hard pressed to automate and enhance our workflows to make things simple and fast. One other driving force behind this – beyond our simplicity goal – was to offer non – English packages as we grow our presence in key markets such as China and Japan

How would you describe the new look and feel of Leica Cyclone?
The User Experience (UX) design, look and feel of Leica Cyclone is different from our previous generation of products. This is the result of usability studies and workshops with professional consultants that live and breathe UX who were key contributors to the project. The new UX of Cyclone is aimed to be seamless, simple and useful to our customers who use our products every day.

Can you describe the overall experience of working together with your team to upgrade Leica Cyclone?
Whilst it may seem that this change and new product has been a long time coming – our two recent projects took approximately 18 months to completion. The experience was stressful, exhilarating, rewarding, tiring, needed and well worth it - in other words, a great roller coaster ride. A big THANK YOU to everyone involved!