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Bluebeam Revu Presentations in Towson Maryland

On Friday, October 19th, our software specialists invited those who design, engineer, and build within Towson, MD, and surrounding areas, to a two-session “Knowledge Bites with Print-O-Stat” educational experience to explore Bluebeam Revu—the award-winning PDF creation, editing, markup and collaboration technology that boosts productivity and streamlines workflows.

We offered two sessions, a breakfast and lunch, that targeted non-users, new users and more advanced users of the Revu software. At each session, our Bluebeam Certified professionals provided in-depth demonstrations and addressed all questions in a live Q&A setting; all while enjoying delicious food and drink by our venue host, Sheraton Baltimore North Hotel.

The breakfast session, "Leveraging Bluebeam Revu to Improve Your Business," was designed primarily for beginners and non-users. We showcased the most notable tools and features found in Revu. Guests were able to ask questions relating to their day-to-day operations and receive feedback with thorough demonstrations by our Certified specialists. By the end, they understood exactly why so many design and construction firms, worldwide, trust Bluebeam to elevate project efficiency and collaboration.

The lunch session, "Improve Your Design Review Process With Bluebeam Revu," was designed for the more advanced users and focused on increasing efficiency by using Revu. We demonstrated how to use Revu's batch creation functionality within design software to streamline 2D and 3D PDF creation. Our specialists created PDFs to demonstrate how to assign responsibilities and keep tabs on project progress while auditing what changes are being made to each revision. Plus, we showed how this software significantly cuts down the hours spent on the design review process by leveraging both the power of Bluebeam Revu and Revu's integrated cloud-based solution, Bluebeam Studio, for real-time collaboration. By the end of this session, our guests learned there are no limits to what you can achieve with Bluebeam solutions.

In conclusion, every attendee had a chance to take away bites of valuable information about this powerful technology. Each attendee had the ability to tap into the knowledge bank we call our Applications Engineers, who spend countless hours learning, applying, and educating our clients on a day-to-day basis. We are very proud to provide educational events like this, where we can help those who build the world around us, do what they do—better! This “Knowledge Bites” program provided guests with only a bite-sized portion of what this technology is fully capable of. To take full advantage and to learn how this software works within your operations, we do offer training options that best fits your business. Contact us, for more information!

Highlight Photos

Take a look at a few photos from the day. Thank you to all those who were able to join us!

Event table with Bluebeam and Print-O-Stat swag

Event Table Setup

Each seat was setup with a Bluebeam trial booklet, giveaway, pen and a Print-O-Stat notepad.
Guests Arriving and Checking In

Guests Arriving and Checking In

As guests arrive, they sign in and are directed by our staff at the event's welcome table.
Welcoming guest to our event


Terri Kurtz, Software Territory Manager, and Cathy Warner, Sales Support Manager, welcoming one of our guests to the event.
Chrissy French Intro

Event Introduction

Chrissy French, Software Sales Specialist, delivering an introduction for both morning and afternoon sessions.
Tim Kramer Presenter

Afternoon Presentation

Tim Kramer, Applications Engineer and Bluebeam Certified Instructor, delivering presentation during the afternoon program.

Presentation Action

Jason Lush, Applications Engineer and Bluebeam Certified Consultant, delivering his portion of the afternoon program.
Photo of Morning Session

Breakfast Session Presentation

View of guests in-tune with the Tim Kramer's morning program.
Catered Event

Catered Event

We provided our guests a breakfast and lunch buffet-style spread, conveniently right outside the event room.
Tim Kramer Addressing Questions

Addressing Questions

During both programs, guests were encouraged to ask questions and have them answered with a thorough demonstration by Tim Kramer & Jason Lush.


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