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3D model review software for architecture, engineering, and construction

Use Navisworks® project review software to improve BIM (Building Information Modeling) coordination.
  • Combine design and construction data into a single model.
  • Identify and resolve clash and interference problems before construction.
  • Aggregate data from multiple trades to better control outcomes.


Control schedules and costs using 4D and 5D simulation

  • Animate and interact with model objects for simulation.
  • Create schedules directly from project models.
  • Import schedules and cost items from external project management applications.


Easily capture material quantities from 2D or 3D designs

  • Measure lines, areas, and counts from 2D sheets or 3D models.
  • Create synchronized project views that combine Revit and AutoCAD files, including geometry, images, and data.
  • Export takeoff data to Excel for analysis.

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Key Features:

  • Coordination
    • BIM coordination with Autodesk products - Open Navisworks files within AutoCAD, Revit, and ReCap.
    • Detect clashes and coordinate models - View clashes in context to help find and resolve conflicts. Only available in Navisworks Manage.
    • Supports 60+ file formats - Open and work with a variety of CAD file formats in one comprehensive application..
  • Model review
    • Aggregate data into a single model - Combine design and construction data into a singular model.
    • Model simulation and animation - Link animated model objects to your construction schedules for high-quality project simulations.
    • Whole-team project review - Bring together data created by multidisciplinary teams to explore and review complex models in real time.
    • BIM 360 collaboration - Reduce time spent in coordination meetings with collaborative project reviews and issue workflows.
    • Publish and share NWD and DWF files - Publish models in distributable file formats that capture detailed design information.
    • More streamlined collaboration - Communicate design intent more effectively and encourage teamwork.
    • Measurement tools - Quickly measure between points using face, snapping, axis locking, and quick zoom.
    • Redline tool - Gain greater clarity and control when adding redlines.
  • Model simulation and analysis
    • 5D project scheduling includes time and cost - Simulate 5D construction schedules and logistics
    • Photorealistic model rendering - Develop compelling 3D animations and imagery
    • Appearance profiler - Add new depths of clarity by coloring project models based on their properties, and applying them to your entire project
    • Smoother interaction with quantification data - Add quantification from an aggregated model
  • Project viewing
    • Cloud rendering - Create renders for whole-project models you can store and share in the cloud
    • Real-time navigation - Explore an integrated project model as it's built
    • Reality capture capabilities - Work with enhanced point cloud integration
  • Quantification
    • Integrated quantification takeoff - Measure lines, areas, and counts with 2D and 3D takeoff rather than carrying out manual calculations
    • Quantification from PDF sheets - Trace existing geometry on a 2D PDF worksheet, such as a floorplan, to create takeoffs automatically

What's New?

Navisworks® Simulate and Manage tools enable greater coordination, construction simulation, and whole-project analysis for integrated project review. Navisworks Manage includes advanced simulation and validation tools.

BIM 360 Model Coordination integration (Preview)
Quickly identify and resolve costly constructability issues.

BIM 360 Issues integration
View, create, and respond to BIM 360 project issues from Navisworks.

Updated IFC file reader
Use the same open source code from Revit to handle IFC files, with added hierarchy, Pset, and data enhancements.

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