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Comprehensive, yet easy-to-master, Carlson Hydrology provides the automation to meet your hydrology needs and all in the CAD environment of polylines, text, and layers. Full 3D road and lot design feed directly into flow calculations and drainage design. Carlson Hydrology provides a system-wide stormwater solution in 3D, offering enhanced 3D options plus a command to run multiple rain events at the same time. The software also provides warnings for collisions, excessive pipe lengths, insufficient cover, lack of slope, excessive flow rates, and more.

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Top Attributes Include:

  • Site Drainage-using either Rational or SCS Method
  • Runoff Analysis to determine watershed area, time of concentration and peak flow rates
  • Storm Drain System design and drafting
  • Pond, culvert, channels, and outlet design and sizing
  • Extensive libraries on rainfall, inlets, manholes, outlets

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